AI personalization for results
oriented marketers
And Agencies & Publishers that Serve Them
Personalized CTV, video, display & audio ads:
optimized, served & measured on single platform
First step: Understand user
journey with cross-channel attribution
Privacy safe machine learning Attribution for Web site & in-app conversions
on any media including CTV, video, audio, podcast & display
AI generates a wealth of actionable
insights to boost ROI
ArtsAI’s patented AI technology automatically uncovers hidden data
patterns to optimize your campaign & increase ROAS
ArtsAI is a leader in streaming
audio & podcasts
For attribution, personalization, optimization & actionable insights
Every leading ad supported streaming audio service uses ArtsAI
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Increase your ROAS 30% in 60 days, Guaranteed*
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Optimize for success

ArtsAI has fueled success for leading marketers & publishers

Reduced cost
per User
re-engagement by:

69 %

User acquisition
cost reduced by:

62 %

User acquisition
cost reduced by:

73 %

Cost per purchase
reduced by:

with Facebook Ads

66 %

New user
cost reduced by:

64 %

Reduced customer
acquisition cost by:

49 %

Cost per new
reduced by:

62 %

acquisition cost
reduced by:

for advertiser via
Programmatic Native Video

63 %

User acquisition
cost reduced by:

56 %

ArtsAI predictive

ArtsAI’s AI Personalization is the assembly of messages
(CTV, video, audio, display, native, and text) to best match with the person receiving the message. ArtsAI’s automatic audience clustering and cohort analysis learns the right message to deliver to each person’s profile. ArtsAI’s technology can optimize from hundreds, or even thousands of message combinations in milliseconds.

ArtsAI has an easy to follow process to help marketers and agencies generate the content and set up your first several campaigns.

ArtsAI’s AI automatically learns which combination of message features produce the best business results.

Contact us to see our benchmark norms and calculate the upside you are likely to experience.

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Omni channel cross
platform attribution

ArtsAI has attribution built into the AI. Every impression, even those not clicked, are measured to determine their influence on a marketer‘s key performance indicator, such as sales. ArtsAI provides daily and real-time reporting for transparency of attribution. This reporting also provides valuable opportunities for discovering insightful patterns of effective marketing.

Some marketers choose to get started with ArtsAI by turning on attribution for Web site and in-app conversions as a first step. By simply including ArtsAI Tags with digital advertisements, reporting will flow automatically for each message without changing any message delivery. The reporting shows both attribution of a marketer’s existing advertisements and the predicted benefit of turning on AI Personalization. Last touch, multi-touch, same platform, cross-platform, and detailed insights reporting are offered with ArtsAI attribution.

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ArtsAI makes it easy

ArtsAI’s predictive personalization platform includes all the tools you need for effortless end-to-end campaign execution at low cost including:

  • Creative authoring tools for display, audio and video assets
  • Patented AI personalization & optimization technology that guarantees increased ROI
  • Automation workflow of tag creation for an ever expanding list of ecosystem partners
  • Cross-platform attribution and ROI calculators to evaluate campaign performance in real time
  • Comprehensive advanced analytics to provide advertisers with a complete view of the customer journey and surface actionable insights for boosting campaign performance

With creative authoring tools, access to audience data, cross-platform attribution and the smartest patented AI server, ArtsAI makes running hyper-personalized ads just as easy as not running hyper-personalized ads (but it’s much more effective when you do).

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Transform your marketing

Unlimited Scale

Access billions of consumers on programmatic exchanges, networks and premium publishers.

Adaptive Marketing

Adapt your marketing communications to customers at each stage of their digital journey.

Optimize Content

Generate personalized content in real time from hundreds of creative elements to adapt to each consumer.

Optimize Audience

Discover in real time your most responsive audience and automatically adapt targeting to this audience.

Optimize Inventory

Adapt your campaign to available inventory and maximize performance.


Artsai is the marketing technology we’ve been looking for. With Artsai’s end-to-end platform, we’ve been able to monetize and understand customers better with hyper-personal creative and data optimization, reducing our customer acquisition and re-engagement costs.
Brian Mikalis
Former SVP Monetization & Sales – Pandora
ArtsAI makes my job easier. Their AI platform automates marketing optimization, dramatically reducing our cost of acquiting new customers. They also provide great analitical insights.
Mobile Marketing Team

Ready to take your business to the next level?

*For Artsai’s “Full” AI Personalization. Follow Artsai’s best practices on a campaign of at least 10M display or 5M video, CTV, or audio impressions, and do one mid-campaign creative refresh based on AI insights recommendations. If we do not increase your Return on Ad Spend by at least 30% within 60 days, you pay Artsai nothing. We’re so confident that we’ll boost your ROI that we guarantee it. Contact Artsai for details. Campaigns subject to Artsai approval.